We are a Walthamstow and South Coast based collective with a desire to showcase local makers and their creations. Objects and products that inspire, are functional and pleasing on the eye. With this in mind we have designed a denim apron for artists and makers and named it Utiful – utilitarian and beautiful at the same time. Follow us as we ask local makers to wear our apron to go about their work…
Maker 1:
Introducing Bisila, who we met working at Turning Earth, a ceramics centre in Leyton. “My name is Bisila, I am Spanish and have lived in London for the past four and a half years.

I am interested in making things that tell a story.
Projects that push me to improve my skills and research, not only when it comes to clay and pottery, but also to culture, history, traditions and the way we look at ceramics and art in general.

I love nature and discovering new places. I love creating things, brainstorming, getting involved in new and exciting projects, having things under control and day-dreaming. And that is why I love pottery: it slows me down, it often controls me more than I control it and eases my thoughts.
Apart from making pots, I also run an Arts and Education organisation called Lon-art that aims to improve the accessibility of creativity, culture and learning for everybody through the arts.”

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